July 10th: Festival Show arrives in Brescia (Italy)

July 10th: Festival Show arrives in Brescia (Italy)

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July 10th: Festival Show arrives in Brescia (Italy)

The second stage of the 2017 Tour of the Festival Show is coming and PERINGENERATORS is full of energy!

During all stages of the famous Summer Festival, PERINGENERATORS will provide energy with a POWER PACK consisting of 2 generators in parallel of 500 kWA each.

On Monday, July 10th, the second evening of the summer tour of Festival Show will take place in Brescia (near Milano – Italy) at the Freccia Rossa Shopping Center (9 pm – FREE ENTRY).


The show will be conducted by Giorgia Surina, assisted by Paolo Baruzzo, historical coordinator of the event, organized by Radio Birikina and Radio Bella & Monella.

On the stage of Brescia will perform: Ermal Meta, Elodie Di Patrizi, Marco Masini, Michele Bravi, Thomas, Ex-Otagono, Moreno MC, Marco Carta, Fred De Palma, Ylenia Lucisano, Timothy “Rock” Cavicchini e Senhit.

Live emotions with PERINGENERATORS: the energy over the music!

Stay tuned!