PERINGENERATORS: have fun with our team!

PERINGENERATORS: have fun with our team!

Posted by on 14 May 2018 in Company, Home, News

PERINGENERATORS: have fun with our team!

What is the added value of a company? The people who work there.

PERINGENERATORS  thinks it too.

We have been producing, selling and renting  generating sets and power generators since 1952 , with different power levels, suitable for use in many sector: industrial, entertainment, marine, military.

Thanks to our numerous foreign brancheswe quickly covers every energy needs in Italy and abroad, to always satisfy the customer, in every country and location.

But first of all, we are committed to building a climate of collaboration and serenity within our company, because who works with a smile works better.

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Thanks to all our past and present team.