Inside a new power generator

Inside a new power generator

Posted by on 21 Aug 2020 in Home, New orders

Inside a new power generator

PERINGENERATORS GROUP offers a complete range of generators from 10 to 12,000 kVA able to meet every energy needs for industrial use, in every country and climatic condition.

Generators are equipped with electronic regulators (for a constant reliability and efficient consumption) and also available open or in the covered soundproof version.

Sound-proofed doors, covered in galvanised plate, for containing the sound insulating material, guarantee the containment of noise with standard soundproofing 65/70 dba.

For special needs, the company also builds special generators with a higher sound absorbing containment and, therefore, with very minimal noise emission: 50/60 dba.

Here is a new power generator  ready to go!

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